Trampoline de jardin rond Freestyle vert 250


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Bougez sans bouger ! Amusez-vous et faire du sport en famille chez vous. Avec les trampolines greaden, vous allez pouvoir ravir toute la famille, des petits jusqu'aux grands et cela en toute sécurité. Avec un filet de sécurité amélioré, une surface de saut totalement protégée. Une structure en acier galvanisé pour une meilleur solidité.Trampoline disponible aux dimensions 244cm, 305cm, 366cm et 426cm.



Greaden: Specialist of top rated trampolines at unbeatable prices

Greaden trampolines are manufactured with high standard in order to provide our customers with quality products.

We have placed great emphasis on safety, simplicity of installation/disassembly as well as aesthetics of FREESTYLE.

Each element of FREESTYLE has been carefully selected to ensure its stability and durability. A strong safety net both flexible and resistant ensures that user stays in the jumping enclosure. A protective pad is located over the springs. This choice guarantees also better durability of the springs.

12 good reasons to choose Greaden trampolines:

Exclusive "+" junctions design for more solidity:

The junctions in forms of "+" allow support poles to be attached directly to the main frame instead of to the trampoline legs. This conception reinforces the frame with no need for extra screws. Thus, it not only gives your trampoline an aerodynamic profile, but also removes the weak point of standard trampolines and prolongs the life of the structure: the screwless tubes prevent the rapid wear caused by movements.

Special design for safety

Unlike other models on the market, the spring area is located outside the net enclosure - Feel free to jump without having to worry about avoiding the spring area!

Resistant Jump Mat: Boost your jumps!

Designed for the whole family, the Greaden jumping mat is more elastic and resistant: It's made from polypropylene material with a density of 260g/m2 which is specially designed for trampoline mats. Mould-resistant with anti-UV protection, the mat retains its original shape and elastic abilities jump after jump.

Sturdy Galvanised Steel structure:

The frame consists of 3 feet forming a galvanised steel strapping which is treated against corrosion (More feet than a standard trampoline for extraordinary stability). In addition, the thickness of the tubes (1.2mmxØ33.4mm) composing the frame reinforces the frame and provide greater resistance. The feet also in galvanized steel are accompanied by a thin slice as a brake for more stability.

Safety net: Flexible and Resistant

The FREESTYLE net in PE 110g/m2 is more flexible and resistant, offering you more security than a standard trampoline .

Extraordinary amplitude for Intensive use

48 anti-corrosive springs (137 mm long, Ø3.2mm wire) with included hooks offer an extraordinary amplitude of jump. They are flexible and elastic for a great longevity. The fringe of mat (11.6m²) is reinforced by 7 rows of seams as well as a reinforcing strap.

Retaining rod: Guaranteed resistance

The net is stretched by the steel rod: stronger than the fiberglass arch used by other brands, the steel rod of FREESTYLE ensures a perfect hold of the net at the top and is not at risk of breaking, thus better protecting the users.

Protective pad for More Security

The 22mm thick protective pad covers completely the springs to avoid injuries.

Safety cap: No risk of unhooking

The net is firmly fixed by the safety cap to prevent tearing or unhooking.

Closing: Double protection

Door opening is more secure with zipper & double elastic interlocking.

Practical Weather cover

Weather cover with 4 central eyelets allows for evacuation of rainwater.

Anti-slippery steps

Steel ladder is equipped with wide & non-slippery PVC steps.

More colors, more fun!

GREADEN FREESTYLE is available in Green, Orange and Blue.

Discover our trampolines with a sleek design in dynamique and original features. Enjoy a colorful year with!


No more need of screws to assemble Greaden trampolines: all you need is a spanner to simply fit the parts together and tighten them. Thanks to this method, the assembly is completely simplified and allows for better impact resistance.

Galvanized steel springs are easy to install using the spring tensioner. All you need to do is stretch the spring until it reaches the hole where it is to be installed. The tension springs are very strong and are able to support enormous weight in order to continue the propulsion for the jumps.

The junction system is reinforced with a tightening key to add even more strength to the base of the trampoline so that it is able to absorb the shock during use.

A interlocking system forms the feet of the trampoline. You just need to tighten them with a screw to strengthen the "+" junctions.



















* It is strongly recommended to avoid using your trampoline or leaving it outside in bad weather conditions.
We strongly recommend that you equip your trampoline with an anchoring kit in order to keep it firmly to the ground or store it in a covered and secure place so that it does not get damaged or be carried away by wind. We point out that we cannot be held liable for damage caused by non-compliance with various safety instructions.

Reference: GR6F8NVP-UK
EU norm: EN71-14
User: Children above 3 years of age, adults
Guarantee: - Steel structure 5 years
- Springs & jumping mat 2 years
- Net & cushion 1 year
- Other parts 6 months
Diameter: 244cm
Height: 255cm
Max User weight: 80 kg
Number of packages: 2
Package weight: 20,5kg/16,8kg

Diameter & Thickness of the steel structure: Ø33.4mm x T1.5mm
Diameter & Thickness of the steel feet: Ø33.4mm x T1.2mm
Anti-corrosion treatment: Hot-dip galvanized
Junction: "+" junctions design
Number of feet: 3

Wire diameter: Ø3.2mm
Coil diameter: Ø 23mm
Corrosion protection: Yes
Number of springs: 48
Protective cushion: EPE foam + PVC cover

Jumping mat
Density: 260g/m²
UV treatment: Yes Diameter of trampoline: 2,02m
Mat surface: 3,2m²
Material: Polypropylene black

Safety net
Net height: 1.8m
Net material: PE 110g/m²
Number of poles: 3
Pole material: Hot-dip galvanized steel
Foam Thickness of pole: 10 mm
Net support: Steel rod

Fiche Produit

Référence GR6F8NV
Norme européenne EN71-14
Utilisateur Enfants 3 ans+ et adultes
Garantie Armature acier 5ans - Ressorts & tapis de saut 3 ans – Filet & coussin 1 an – Autres pièces 6 mois
Diamètre 244cm
Hauteur 255cm
Poids max. utilisateur 80 kg
Nombre de colis 2
Poids de colis 20,5kg/16,8kg
Diamètre & épaisseur acier de la structure Ø33.4mm x T1.5mm
Diamètre & épaisseur acier des pieds Ø33.4mm x T1.2mm
Traitement anti-corrosion Galvanisé à chaud
Jonction Jonction en « + »
Nombre de pieds 3
Diamètre fil Ø3.2mm
Diamètre de spire Ø 23mm
Protection anti-corrosion Oui
Nombre de ressorts 48
Coussin de protection Mousse EPE + housse en PVC
Tapis de saut
Densité 260 g/m²
Traitement anti-UV Oui
Diamètre 2,02m
Surface toile 3,2m²
Matière PP noir
Filet de protection
Hauteur de filet 1,8m
Matière de filet PE 110g/m²
Nombre de montant 3
Matière de montant acier galvanisé à chaud
Epaisseur mousse de montant 10 mm
Support de filet Tige en acier


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